I’ve known this for a long time but kept quiet. Waiting for someone else to work it out.

Oh. Well.

The architect, the millionaire and the showgirl.

Stanford White is a name known by the TartariaGang on yt. He’s the man who designed many of the Gilded Era Mansions in America and is an easy go to for those who poo-poo his credentials as architect and big-up the “fact” (BARF) that these mansions were ancient , antiquitech structures built by a previous civilisation and destroyed to hid the “truth” (BARF.)

The real story is much more prosaic. It’s all about a man who had a penchant for very young girls and lots of sordid skulduggery in the bedroom.

Not a single one of these three come out of this well.

Oh. And btw – it was plastered all over the newspapers at the time, has many court documents/prison records to corroborate the happenings and two of the actors in the whole dirty mess wrote books about it.

Hence the destruction of a few iconic New York buildings.