OK. We have a King now.

I feel for Betty’s family. I know what it’s like to lose a mother…two grandmothers. It’s a lifelong trauma, no matter what age you are.


Charles has always been a loose cannon. His father despised him. His first wife wasn’t too keen on him either!

Laurens Van der Post, guru and philosopher, was the young prince’s mentor. And if you remember the scandals before “the divorce” Charles was (allegedly) phone-hacked and recorded telling Carmilla that he wanted to be her permanent tampax.

Oh. And he still needs help to face the day. Someone runs his bath. Someone places his towels out. Someone lays his clothes out. Someone dresses him. Someone places a cup of tea in his hand. Someone cuts the head orf his breakfast boiled egg. Someone opens doors for him……….!

Where are we heading now?