God’s Honest Truth.

Every single time I make a really good and mutually respected connection on youtube – THE They come out to play.

I have respect for Aewar. I don’t agree with his all and everything but that’s subjective and my own opinion. Which in NO WAY decreases my feelings about anything he does.

Yesterday I commented to him a wonderful resource source that he might find helpful and …… I’m made invisible. AGAIN.

Yup. HE may’ve banned me. But that’s not the vibe I get.

Four effing years on and still SOMETHING is determined to deny me MY RIGHT TO SPEAK ON YOUTUBE.

Everything goes back to one single source.


My husband and I live in total harmony and have done so for about 176 years. We bitch a lot, we shout a lot, we swear a lot…..but he’s the only man I’ve “known” since I was 20 years old.

So – PUHLEASE do NOT project your own sexual wants/perversions onto me.

I’m perfectly satisfied and only comment on WORK that I vibe with.