My Dad was a Royal Marine Commando. Yes. He played in the band but he still did the full training and in a war sitch he and his fellow band members were trained MEDICS.

His brother, Jim, was Navy.

My Mum was a WRENS – Women’s Royal Naval Service. She and Dad met in Deal, Kent.

My younger brother was a Royal Marine Commando. He served for years in Poole, Dorset with the SBS as CommsLog.

My youngest brother was Royal Navy.

My great uncle was Royal Navy – and got medals.

I joined the Army :o)


America Won WW2.


By the way – the Clan Donald (Lily’s Clan) motto is shown above. The Royal Marine Commando motto is –

Per Mare, Per Terram

I’m the weakest link. That’s why I chose the Army.


Which – of course, along with an intolerance of haggis and whisky – makes me a FAKE SCOT & a FAKE VIKING.


I’m so happy that we are still BRITS only because of the US of A

Thank y’all