So…SO Many people comment to yt truthers about reading the work of Fomenko to learn about chronology and how timelines have been tweaked.

I agree.

But there is just one New Chronology book that (in my humble opinion) will explain every single word of the many millions that have been written since the 1970’s by these people.

Tsar of the Slavs.

I came to youtube and the “Tartarian” “Truth” community after over a decade and three reads of this single book. I gave the very simple distillation of all that stuff via a single post of mine to Martin Liedtke at the beginning of January 2019. He featured it – at the time – but it’s been pulled from all of his channels.

Only someone LIKE me can appreciate the total mind-blowing conclusion reached in Tsar of the Slavs.

I’ve never been an atheist but I’m not religious. I have NO bias about “religion.”

I read this book from a view that I’d formed as a child… that the story of Jesus Christ was not quite right. To me he was always a fighter/soldier/warrior with incredible empathy and knowledge.

Jordan Tabov (an NC team member) disagrees with Fomenko’s original thesis that CHRIST was Andronicus I Comnenus. He told me that he placed our JESUS with Andronicus’s grand-children. In Trebizond…..where they were taken by their Aunt Tamar of Georgia after the crucifixion of their Grandfather in 1185.

Fomenko and the New Chronology Team (every single one of them) work from the clues that show us ALL that “Jesus Christ” was a living, breathing man born of a living, breathing woman.

This family were destroyed by their wider family for power and control. The original surviving family members fled north from Byzantium to save themselves. Their descendants ended up on the Russian Steppes in a place once called Tartaria.

What did Marx say about opiates?


Is there a single mention of bricks or antiquitech or free energy or anyotherBS currently taught via youtube in a single word written above?

Tsar of the Slavs brought me back to MY faith. MY reason for living. MY life.

Promised you a miracle?

To this very day not a single one of the them has had the BALLS to even approach this facet of HIDDEN HISTORY.

Apart from me :o)