Graham Lineham is an amazing writer. He brought us the unforgettable and totally irreverent FATHER TED TV series.

As soon as this turned up, I tuned in. Jeebuth. I never knew exactly how much damage his “talking out” about this subject had done to him personally.

Neil Oliver has also been a favourite of mine for decades. I’ll post his video from this channel later.

THESE are the people with voices.

Stop piffling on about bricks and flat and giants and melted and whatever the next go-to topic will be in that particular communtiy.

Years ago, my phantom hater (of many names) and her partner were TOLD by me to STFU with their own personal but extremely public yt bitching because there was a whole world out here that needed healing. BTW – I’m still #banned from that channel….which is ok because it no longer exists in MY world :o)