Apparently Louth disappeared under water last night. A flash flood.

Himself being on E.R. again got called out to do emergency stuff…..ALL night.

I was confused. Louth is a town on one of the highest points around us. How the eff did it flood uphill?


So he got the day off and after a long lie-in he woke up all grumpy. You know the vibe. We all have grumpy days.

Today it was all about hoovering. I hadn’t done it, there are a squillion cobwebs, does nobody but me do anything around here?

I’VE BEEN OUT ALL NIGHT, I’ll have you know.

So I put on Top Gear – Most Offensive Moments to cheer him up


Crikey – It’s only when you see a compilation like this that you realise …. P.C. ROOLZ now and laughing is a hate crime.

P.S. The Brits are hated world-wide. We are use to insults. Live with it!!!