For yet another yt content creator and self-professed TRUTHER and TEACHER to show such disrespect – not only to the English Language but also to his peers in such a nose-in-the-air fashion has cemented my decision to leave the past 3/4 extremely painful years was behind me.

3 years ago I called a SCHISM in the community. Today it’s right in front of our eyes.

SPECULATION : the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

Without FIRM evidence is exactly what these people are forever bumping their gums about when they talk of the controllers/elites/masons/government/others/masses/sheeple etc.

There are those who not only believe this “speculation” but who are now actively teaching their children the exact same stuff.

Who the bloody hell is going to stand up and SHOUT ABOUT the sheer irresponsibility of all this shit that’s called the “youtube truther” community?

Oh. That’ll be just me then :o(