The Copper’s Hunch is a phrase amongst many that describes your own intuition/instinct/experience.

Gut Reaction. Just a Feeling.

I trained as a Military Cop and my Dad was Special Branch in his later life.

When you KNOW. You Know.

Right from the get-go I KNEW that youtube was NOT for me.

I’ve made 3 yt videos. One with my dog and the crow we rescued and two of my garden. End of.

Way back when I was banned from yt “truther” channels for calling out their Harem Garage Groupies as FAKE. Y’know the ones that are Always There. Never miss a chance to use their Monkeewrench in a live chat. Are recognised the world over.

Good luck to them all – say I. But yt will never be MY medium.


Sometimes that little voice inside can save your life. Fact!