What we now see as History, and those who were here at least 400 years ago too, has been fed to us by a very small minority of manipulators.

Less than 100 of the originals, probably.

But when “facts” are taught generation after generation – they become truths.


We are all human. We take what we are taught by our “betters” in the education system and blame THEM for leading us false. They didn’t betray us with malice aforethought. They taught us exactly what they were taught.

It takes just one bad apple to spoil an entire harvest of apples.

Multiply said harvest over 400 years and that’s quite a few bad apples, yes?

Sir Isaac Newton – a local boy for me – has been disrespected by so many yt “troothers.”

Oh. More apples.


For every action there is an opposite an equal reaction.