Most of us know this adage/proverb/quote….meme (!)

I’m not a fan of Stephen King but I’ve read a few of his books and seen a few of the films based on his books.

Green Mile and Shawshank stand alone as masterpieces.

Carrie was freaky. Christine. Salem’s Lot (m’eh) The SHINING – disturbingly wonderful.

For me – Misery with Kathy Bates is exceptional.

My brain says that King, either in or out of his cocaine binge, thought of the phrase Misery Loves Company and crafted an incredible story around these three words.

wiki ?fact? – The novel’s title has two meanings: it is the name carried by the central heroine of Paul’s book series, and King described such a state of emotion during the novel’s writing. He has stated that Annie is a stand-in for cocaine