And yes – there has been a lot of improvement in certain areas in the past decade or two but…

…Nowhere nearly enough GOOD PROGRESS to silence the newly “woke.”

I grew up in a family of 5 very strong personalities. Each of us with a different point of view. Sometimes it descended in GBH (BAD) but it taught us all how to stand up and argue for ourselves (GOOD)

But today….shake my head and weep … today we are hog-tied into apologising for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspective etc just in case we UPSET someone somewhere.

I feel that this “someone, somewhere” (?!) has implemented an unwritten and invisible LAW to silence all & everyone who disagrees with anyone.

Once upon a time we were allowed to state our thoughts – for better or worse. Do schools not do debating anymore? Is the Greek staple of rhetoric dead? Has every single brain in the world stopped working?

P.S. I have never watched the film The Matrix. But MATRIX is now a buzzy buzz word and I ain’t plugged into no one else’s grid. Thank you and goodnight.