The 1840’s gown is…OK…WAS…going so well.

I have a back with the back and front. Two sides with front and back and side pieces with back and front and gathers and 16…..SIX _EFFING_TEEN hand stitched eyelets and.


And…..’Snot difficult. Attach both sides (back and front of them) to the back (back and front) by the shoulders seams.


Right sides together or wrong sides together or outside in or…….And I haven’t even put the bones in the stitched boning channels of the lining. Which is the back of the front. Which is only attached at the shoulders by tacking stitches and wobbles about because it’s not a part of the front back at the front.


If the bloody thing doesn’t fit on this fat bird then I WILL get all dramatic and sweary. FACT!

Happy POETS DAY :o)