My brother rang me 3 days ago and left a message. Then he rang back and I answered.

He started by giving me a huge bollocking for not answering the phone!

I listened and then said…What’s wrong?

I have talked about Auntie Christine several times here over the years. She married my Dad’s younger brother, Jim. The marriage lasted 6 weeks but she has ALWAYS been a much loved family member.

Dear Christine, the wonderful Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland girl, has gone to join Jim, my Dad, my Mum, Joy….Dad and Jim’s younger sister and all the others.

Wow. It hit me hard.

Then I had this great need (once the sobbing stopped) to watch my favourite comedian.

The very best bit of this video below (in my opinion) is the quote :

Don’t’ Vote. You Only Encourage Them.

P.S. Christine was a Penman. From Border Stock….a Reiver. But she fell in love with us bunch of Teuchters :o)