We have no gas in our village. Maybe laying pipes uphill was too difficult. Who knows?

There is a trick though – you dig a very big hole in your garden, plant a massive iron tank and get deliveries of Calor Gas every few weeks.

Calor gas:


  1. liquefied butane stored under pressure in portable containers, used domestically as a substitute for mains gas and in camping as a portable fuel.”It is a three-wheeler Mini, and it originally ran on petrol or Calor gas.”

Mmmn. Exploding potatoes or pigeons or sparrows come to my mind.

Side Note : I love my oil-fired Rayburn. It heats the house and the water and cooks 24/7 – when we can afford the kerosene to fill a 1000 litre tank. At the mo’ it’s around £600 for 500 litres. I’ve searched the sofas for lost £1 coins and came up around £599 too short :o(

I’ve always preferred a gas oven top and grill. Instant heat.

How about Supernatural Gas?

Yay :o)