Flightly? Moi?

Oh yes!

The project has changed from the 16th century to the 19th century.

Because I can.

The image above is a pattern that I downloaded yesterday. No idea why, other than because I liked it.

Then I read all the pages and pages of instructions.

OMG. The lining has a boned corset that HAS TO BE MADE before the main dress. Whatever. I can do that (?!)

Today it all makes sense.

My house was built in 1839 and the vicar’s wife would have worn something very similar to this when they first moved in. The Romantic View.

Also – around the beginning of October – this place starts to get VERY COLD. Come January and we are all wearing at least 7 layers of clothes. The Practical View.

Another also – I could wear this in private here. With my leggings and thigh high thick woolly socks and possibly not go blue. Yay.

Crow’s Eye Productions is a local film company. I’ve met them. They shot scenes in this village and the lane to my house for their film about the Crowder Family and WW1 (true story.)

Pauline Loven is an amazingly talented costumier/dress-maker. She made me a 1914 skirt and I made a 1918 knitted jacket.

Keeping it local and personal for now :o)