I have a personality fault (?)


It’s called IMPATIENCE.

Seeing the bigger picture is a wonderful gift to have….it’s just all the teeny details that are extremely annoying.

I sew my garments with a devil-may-care, totally optimist zeal that can cause a few issues. But then again – too few to mention.

But this next “dream” project is SERIOUS.

A 15th century Persian woman’s outfit, all hand sewn and made to be wearable by me.

Hence…..OMG. I’m going to have to make a toile.


But as I want the real thing to be all velvet and silk and lined with more silk – I NEED to know what I’m actually doing.

*wry/hysterical grin*

Pattern is being assembled and the toile material is en route.

Wish me luck :o)