My youngest was 3 and a bit years old when he was diagnosed with psoriasis.

It was so bad that he was admitted to Basingstoke Hospital under the care of a Consultant Dermatologist. He had to spend a week there.

I took him. With his cuddly and his favourite toy. Tri-Sarah-Top. A green pointy fuzzy fluffy dinosaur.

I lasted two days and two nights and then drove back a third time and demanded that he come home with me.

I had an Emergency Meeting with the Consultant. She was very anti. Yeh but…No but….

YES BUT I’M HIS MOTHER so I trump all your cards.

He came home. Without his dino. FFS. It’s been scooped up in the laundry and I had to go back yet again to retrieve Tri-Sarah.

Worth it though to see his face. Aaah :o)

This is one of my favourite Only Fools Episodes. So many quotes.

I look like a Free-Range Wally

Is that a Da Vinci?

Peas and gravy.

Burke’s Peerage.

But ‘Iggy ‘Iggins robs banks……..It’s Saturday. The banks are closed.