I’ve been lucky enough to find a company in the UK that sells Dead Stock.

THIS dead stock is fabric. When a company does a run of material for the public market, and not all of that run sells, it’s bought up by others for re-sale. At much lower prices.

I have a fantasy costume that I’m dreaming of making. I have the pattern. Now with access to much cheaper luxury materials (velvets/silks/brocades)… I’ll save up and challenge myself to make an historically accurate Safavid outfit.

Hard to explain but it’s an outer robe, an inner robe and a pair of trousers – as worn by 16th century Safavid women.

The video below is BS MS history about the Safavid Empire.

Jeebs. They were Turkish and Islamic and Byzantine but the “greatest” enemies of the Ottomans. Who were Turkish. Islamic. Byzantine.

Apparently the Sunni S’hia split has always been there. Yeh. OK. Whatever.