A corner turned in my life.

Reconnection with old mates.

A compliment today about a dress I’ve made and am wearing.

And 3 years later – someone else, other than me, is reading Vitruvius and about pozzalana.

I agree. It doesn’t matter who did what first. I tried but we need the right MAN for the job. And not a dissed housewife/troll/stalker…..allegedly.

Nice one Aewar.

Love it.

P.S. My father in law spent 50 years in the Royal Engineers. All over the world doing weird and wonderful stuff.

Yup. It could well’ve been “secret technology.”

BUT v- I doubt that the boots on the ground ever gave that a single thought. They were always called in to help in hopeless sitches and get peeps out of dire circs. FACT!