Not an exact quote but I’ve quoted it twice today and been given the same tagline by two different men!

It’s years since I’ve watched this all the way through.

Last night Himself watched it all the way through…even though he is back on ER. Why?

The cat brought in a baby rabbit. But rabbit was saved. Minus one ear and with broken back legs.

Baby rabbit and man cuddled on the sofa all the way through the film. Then rabbit went into our ICU.

ICU= A sheepskin lined cardboard box in the pantry. With door shut tight.

The little fecker is still alive. YAY!

BTW – I mean the baby rabbit, not the husband.

I sTinKinG love this film :o)

The F1RST of the Cornetto trilogy. No.2 – Hot Fuzz. No.3 The World’s End.

P.S. Ed’s Got Wood