Right. This was only going to be a two-parter but I’d not finished watching Milo…my bad.

He brought up soooooo much more. Dates. Theories. Lack of evidence. Looks like etc.

I also had no idea that the Baghdad Battery would take us back to Egypt. Dendera to be exact.

Just a quick thought that kept returning to me and which I finally acted on this morning. One WORD. Typhon.

Typhon took me to Set.

More blanket bombing. Did Set murder his brother Osiris and lead Isis on a quest to find a magic wand aka willie?

Why did Plutarch write about Isis and Osiris when he was Greek and he “knew” the legend of Set and also that this “god” was called Typhon by the Greeks.

Confession. I’m confusing myself now even though I’ve spent 5 years with this, read 100’s -if not – 1,000’s of pages.

What grips me so much is the ending of this is all so clean and simple. But none of y’all will believe it.