This is maybe, about, probably, the 4th time I’ve posted this song since 2018.

Chrissie Hynde has a VERY distinctive voice. I grew up with it. Can spot it in an instant.

Music & Mental Health.

Y’all can posit about how EVIL song lyrics are or you can gain wisdom from them.

In the heat of an argument we do actually HATE our combatant.

With whom have your biggest, most disgusting, most vile arguments been with?

I grew up thinking that my mother was my greatest enemy. That we HATED each other.

Now I know just how much we LOVED each other. WE were just different people from different generations with different lives and different points of view.

Your child NEVER belongs to you.

As a woman we learn that 9 months of discomfort and few hours of the worst pain EVER does not make that baby YOURS. Cut the cord. Release the child. And LOVE every ounce of him/her. Despite your differences. He/she is not you. And he/she is not the father. You and he (DAD) had a few minutes of sweaty jerking pokey action and a second or two of intense pleasure.

He/she is A NEW LIFE.

Thin Line between making and owning ?