Gan Yam? Geordie for going home.

Russian Coal ? A much more personal story.

Dad’s brother, Uncle Jim, married a local Kinghorn Girl. They spent their honeymoon in our house in Lincolnshire.

Aunty Christine was only 11 years older than me so aboot 23. Tension? OMG. My brothers and I’d come home from school and scoot upstairs with the “homework” excuse.

Jim and Christine’s marriage lasted 6 weeks. Pillows and knives involved. Not pleasant.


Even today she is our Aunty Christine. We love her to pieces.

Years later my brothers and I were invited to stay with her and her parents in Kinghorn. She and her Mum shouted at me for knocking on the front door.

You are family…just walk in!

Her Dad was a Fife coal miner and one afternoon he told me his story of the mines. And how he’d travelled Russia to meet other Coal Labourers.

He was a “died in the wool” socialist. I was 18 and a sponge.

A few years back, living here, we got our winter coal delivery – Coal Man told us it was Russian Coal.

This is all true and verifiable.

We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying ?


Conservative. Labour. Liberal. Green. All the same to me.

BTW – are these melted buildings or open cast mines in Fife, Scotland?