I make strange attachments to some people without ever knowing why. Until Later.

Being a pretty broken person myself – I radiate towards other broken people who TRULY understand that they, too, have a problem. Time and again this happens.

Cinzia is an on-off go-to of mine. Something about her draws me in.

Today I find out why.

Getting my Life Back on Track | ADHD, Introvert Edition

Strange how we weirdos resonate with each other.

I have been incredibly anxious, depressed, introverted, maddening IRL for months now. Ask the family (!)

The very worst question to pose to people like me is WTF is WRONG with you?

Hey. Hey. Give me space and time and I MAY figure it out. Y’ah. OK?

Having all the grey obliterated from my hair has been a revelation. The 3 men in my life have all agreed to my new demand that I’m now 10 years younger than I was yesterday.


I’m primed to be stoic and accepting and take it all on the chin but……..NO! I WILL age DISGRACEFULLY. Thank you.

And tomorrow I may have changed my mind. But that’s part of the whole.

Cinzia. I watched a wonderful video by her this morning about Cleopatra…Was she Black or White?

But for now. ADHD and being an effed up introvert with warrior DNA.