Wow! I took my life in my hands and allowed HIMSELF to dye my hair this morning.

Never, ever having done this before, he bigged himself up as a natural talent (!!)

OK. My hair is such a dark brown that most people see it as black but….It has natural red highlights so it’s technically dark brown. Pure black hair has a blueish highlight.

I started going grey when I was 17. Just a streak of grey and used to colour my hair all the time.

It’s been around 10 years now since a chemical dye went near my head so the lovely streak of grey has multiplied from a narrow line to around 20% of my dome

. And – to be perfectly honest – I just feel old and dowdy and extremely unattractive.

Grow old gracefully, my arse.

I chose a colour that perfectly matches my natural dark brown, almost black.


A son read the instructions, his father mixed all the ingredients and…

…Apparently I shouted a lot throughout the entire thing.

Shrug. I think they may be exaggerating :o)

Anyhoo. I’m now a piebald. Black and ginger. YAY!