My traveller-in-crime and I were tasked to get from Lincolnshire (me)/Penarth, South Wales (her) to Dubai to meet up with her brother and her nephew for business.

We STOLE her husband (Dangerous Brian) and made him drive her from there to here and then all of us down to Heathrow.

Emirates to Dubai were not playing so we had to fly Etihad. Landing in Abu Dhabi.

Bye, Dangerous B. We’re off. Thanks. Zooooom.

Us two had already spent time in Abu Dhabi so we didn’t stress. In fact, we were so unstressed that we may have drained the plane of their supply of Bollinger over the 8 hours in the air.

Our driver picked us up and drove us from AD to Dubai. The Sheraton Creek in Old Dubai.

We may have made a phone call to the very stressy family members waiting for us….. Asking how far away Fallujah was from them.