Look below Bob Marley for details ?

Himself is up on a Disciplinary Charge at work next week. Why? Was he a Bad Boy?

Well – according to NWO he was/is.


: Refusing to stand down and come into work late after working 3 weeks of Emergency Rescue…just to finish a rush job.

: Not taking all his paid leave/days off.

: Standing in as an Emergency, Emergency Response Peep when the original one decides he can’t be arsed to do it.

He asked his boss – WHAT? Are you putting me through a disciplinary because I’m hard-working, honest and refuse to fuddle my time sheets?

He got no answer. And the Disciplinarian has REFUSED to meet him face to face.

God’s Honest Truth. In our former life THIS (video below) was our job. OUR?

Yes. Because I was the admin officer for the CPU training wing. To this day, HE is the longest ever serving CPU trainer. 7 years.

5 lots of 6 month overseas postings. And a commendation for a B.E.M by the Ambassador of Algiers. Which was quashed by the elite at Longmoor. OH. The icing on the cake … he and I were #BANNED from his own leaving do after 7 years training F1RST CLASS Close Protection Officers.

My own PTSD doesn’t even register on the scale of his.

It’s a sad and tragic fact of modern life that the Good & Deserving will wither under the jealous and grabbing.


P.S. The RMP CPU took over ALL of the SAS’s FCO Protection Jobs. FACT.

And I’m now just a housewife and EVIL yt troll – ALLEGEDLY :o)