I do it to myself every single day!

What’s for tea, Mother?

Dunno. What do you want?

Youngest spent most of his early/mid 20’s in the Middle East and has exotic food tastes. Brunch was raw carrot sticks and humus.

I just happened to mention Mulligatawny soup – Heinz cans are your Grandad’s fave meal ever.

I had to explain what it was and at the word “curry” he shouted – I’ll have THAT. With cheese on toast.


When his Dad and I were in Karachi we had freshly made Mulligatawny. OMG. To die for.

I’m not a fan of the Heinz kind so I’ve promised to make my own for all of us….Eeeek.

Some days I can be very stupid. Sigh.


Research Recipe.