I’ve been mulling over the FILTH episodes about OCD cleaners and had a thought.

To this day there are employees in my local Tesco who INSIST on wearing a mask and gloves and being behind a plastic screen.

I spent so much of my childhood out of the doors in nature and gardens and on beaches and in fields….investigating the flora and fauna.

When my boys were 5 and 4 years old I had a huge fight with my next door neighbour in Longmoor. Her boys were the same age and the four of them had acres of land to explore and have adventures. This one day they all arrived home soaking wet and covered in mud. Neighbour mother went mentals and blamed my sons for deliberately pushing her cherubs into puddles. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t.

I just laughed, took my boys inside, stripped them naked, put their clothes in the washing machine and ran a bath for them.

No damage done.

Just when was germ-o-phobia invented?

When did dust turn toxic?

When were anti-bac wipes invented?


Sterile and clinical is so anti-natural and deadlier than mud.

In my opinion :o)