We had a mate called Harry,a Royal Marine that Himself trained to be a Close Protection person. Everyone called him H.


Aitch bomb. Merry Christmas Island segues into Phileas then Fogg then Jules then – sigh – yet another theft for self-aggrandissment.

Yesterday I posted about Michael Palin and my father-in-law. Today we have a yt troother with a squillion subs and 10 squillion views who has mentioned H-ydrogen and Verne.

Outta the blue.

Making money when I make £0.

Leave ME alone. Please and thankyou.

Also – Elon is an anagram of Noel. Noel Edmonds was considered for the role before Palin. Musk was a fave 17th century scent. I wrote a line in Weave a Garland where Wat Montagu can smell Henry Rich and his musk perfume as George Villiers praises the Lord Holland (Henry Rich) seconds after giving Wat an earful of spite-slime.

P.S. Musk is obtained from a deer’s bollocks.