I’ve just had a rant to my son about stuff.

HE brought up the subject of a train from here to Woodhall Spa or Spilsby or Lincoln. Which would be fantastic. I totally agree. The A158 is a live/die lottery.

He knows that I know where our town’s railway station was.

Even when we lived in a secret location in Hampshire (Longmoor Camp) we could see the old railway sleepers lying about just beyond our garden.

Dr Beeching was tasked by UK gov. to save money by destroying all the district/rural lines. The upshot was concreting our country with tarmac and motorways and traffic jams and road rage and the up/down price of petrol.

Go figure. Forward planning or what?

To this day I love to travel by train. I’ve done first class, reserved seat, standing in the aisle, standing in the baggage compartment squished against many smelly peeps.

A railway gauge of around 5 ft is DEMONSTRABLY narrower than a four lane motorway. Or have the they changed all measurements recently?