Love it when everything converges to ZERO POINT.

I’ve been sitting on this one for years but – as no-one actually reads what I write. I’ll just push forwards and totally ignore the youtube TARTARIA trooth community who insist on concentrating all eyes towards buildings and away from people.



Who are the Kalmyks and why are they in America?

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Calmouc is the same as Kalmyk.


After the defeat of Pugachev, the Romanovs launched a furious persecution of his supporters. Among which, as is well known, were the Kalmyks. But the Kalmyks were not the main core of Pugachev’s troops. On the side of Pugachev, a significant part of the Russian Cossacks acted. After the defeat of Pugachev, the Volga Cossack army was completely destroyed, the capital of which was in the Trekhostrovskaya village on the lower Volga (now the village of Samoilovka, Saratov Region). The Yaik Cossack army was severely defeated. The Volga Cossacks and Kalmyks were partly destroyed, partly deported to the south on the line from Mozdok from Azov in 1777, see [36], article “Cossacks”. The picture of the destruction of the Russian Cossacks on the Volga after the defeat of Pugachev is well outlined, for example, in the historical studies of D.L. Mordovtsev [17]. Very likely, that part of the Cossacks – and in general the Pugachev troops – fled to the east. Naturally, they tried to run TO THEIR OWN. And indeed, JUST AT THIS TIME WE SEE MIGRATION FROM THE VOLGA TO MANZHUR CHINA.

Which indicates that the manchurs were OWN for the VOLGA, YAITSK AND SIBERIAN COSSACKS, AND ALSO FOR THE KALMYKS. By the way, the Kalmyks who lived in the Don region in Russia until 1917 were in the rank of Cossacks [36], article “Kalmyks”.