Himself has been watching this on DVD for days. Not that it bothers me.

The programme has a special place in my own timeline.

The father of my newly conceived child was sent to Africa for 6 months, my little brother had just left the Navy and was jobless and my mother was in a pickle. So – it was decided that Chris and I would move closer to the parentals. As neither he nor I wanted to live with them, we found a bungalow to rent between us. I was 3 months pregnant when we moved in.

3 months later Chris found a job in London so I found myself living alone with a huge German Shepherd and a very kicky baby inside me.

Michael Palin was my go second go-to evening indulgence.

My first go-to? Inspector Morse with John Thaw.

Baby was due a week before Daddy came home. Baby decided to be 2 weeks late :o) ;o) :o0

WTF? They asked Noel Edmonds before Michael Palin? Madness. Total Madness!