Right from the get-go, I decided to NEVER become a youtuber.

I could’ve taught myself how but every cell in my body raged against this.

Like EVERYTHING in life, there are pros & cons.

Cons – I’m 99.9999(toinfinity&beyond)% invisible to the w.w.w.

Pros – I’m free/independent/uncontrolled/my own creator who is completely unbound by genre or secret words(SEO) or subscribers whims or pig shit ignorant haters or numbers or moderators or peer pressure or bandwagons or income or competitive others or …. the list goes on.

So many more positive rewards than negative vibes.

To not be noticed is really a blessing. I’m just a teeny tiny speck in a matter that is IMMENSE. Beyond our wildest imaginings.

I chose a path and subjects and words and phrases so unique that I’m able to KNOW in an instant when these have been hijacked and used to glorify others. Fact!

This brings me a security and comfort that few others will ever experience.

And it makes me smile with wry acceptance now. Time will heal.

Know Thyself.

Good advice.