Yup. That’s me. since 2019 I’ve been trying to figure Napoleon out.

As in – WTF did he know?

From my decades of N.C. research I have begun to understand the importance of “Egypt” and “Russia” and “Rome.”

Nappy was a major force in Egypt (the First Rome), he wanted to take Constantinople (the Second Rome) but he targeted Moscow (the third Rome)


What was he fighting for?

He went into Egypt just a few years after the defeat of the last Tartar Khan (Pugachev) WHY?

He by-passed Constantinople and made moves on Moscow.

Probably, Napoleon hoped that the forces of the defeated Moscow Tartaria still exist. And if they are given military assistance, they will be able to rise up and overthrow the Petersburg government. It is clear that if he had succeeded in this plan, Napoleon would have received a reliable ally in the person of a renewed Russia. With whom he could easily conquer the rest of the world. This, apparently, was his calculation. No wonder, before the capture of Moscow, he, as you know, waited a long time on Poklonnaya Hill for the MOSCOW BOYARS with the keys to Moscow. That is, I thought that the boyars in Moscow still exist. Historians laugh at this behavior of Napoleon. Say, he did not know that there were no boyars in Russia for almost a hundred years, since the time of Peter. But in fact, Napoleon was not so naive. He KNEW that the boyars were in Moscow quite recently. He was probably waiting for the keys to Moscow BOYAR MOSCOW TARTARY. Napoleon, apparently, simply could not imagine with what monstrous cruelty the Romanovs, having captured Siberia, exterminated everyone there – the boyars, the governor and, to a large extent, the ordinary population. By the time of Napoleon, none of those who were able to resist were no longer left in Moscow Tartaria.

That was 1812. In 1815 he had another enemy to overcome. BRITAIN.


We (Brits in Wellington Boots) beat him and ended up with an Empire…..AN EMPIRE.

In my humble opinion, EMPEROR Napoleon Bonaparte was on a mission to become the next Khan of Tartary – aka – enjoy WORLD DOMINATION.

Silly sod :o)