The UK has a long standing (from the Middle Ages) history of the children helping to bring in the harvest.

Here – where I live – the schools are OUT on the 22nd of July. For 6 weeks. Last week of July. All of August. 1st week of September.

The weekend after next we are in for a Welsh invasion. My traveller-in-crime and her husband (Dangerous Brian) are bringing their grandson up here. From Wales. Where schools are out a week later ?

Today youngest and I went shopping and did a detour (long story) that had us driving home via “50 acre” – local name.

50 acre is a one track lane that few outsiders know about. It cuts through 50 acres of wheat fields. WHICH HAVE ALL BEEN HARVESTED. Mid July???

I’m old enough to’ve sung this song on the last day of school before the summer holiday began.

P.S. In case y’all don’t know Almaboobies (boobies are Aussies birds) came here from Oz in about 2006. When we (me and their parents) became good friends. They are Brits who got sick of Oz and bought a local pub. A hop from my shop. Ross- the Dad – is a master builder. He helped me far too much. And all for free.