Maybe it’s because I’ve studied this for so very long. Maybe it’s because I’m a “know-it-all.”

Maybe I’m just a bit simple.

BUT – The quote below makes sense of so many things for me. ESPECIALLY the whole cowboys and Indians narrative.

AND – even a hundred years ago when I did MY school history classes, we were told that Russia sold Alaska to the US for a pittance.

This is NOT Mystery History. this is commonsense enabling a person to connect a few dots.


Can’t y’all see how the new alt-historians have further confused everything? The War of Independence … from my point of view…

The British Isles were very closely connected to Tartary. Especially Scotland. When the Americans fought for their Independence, it was NOT against Britain. It was against the Empire that could never be remembered. To the US – this FIGHT against a pissy little island was so much easier to fake than the REAL fight against a power that had once controlled/invaded/settled/advanced/grown over three quarters of our known world.

And this constant fake fight between America and Romanov Russia is a total blinder. Romanov Russia MADE America. They shared the Spoils of War in 1776.


Let’s go back to the question of when and how the USA was established. ‘During the War of independence of North America in 1775-17983… an independent state – the USA was formed’ [797], p.1232. And here we realise, that it SURPRISINGLY COINCIDES WITH THE END OF THE WAR WITH ‘PUGACHEV’ IN RUSSIA. ‘Pugachev’ was crushed in 1775. Everything falls into place. ‘The War of independence’ in North America was the struggle with the weakening Russian Horde. The Romanovs attacked the Horde from the West. And from the East in America – it was attacked by the Americans ‘fighting for independence’. Today we are told that the Americans purportedly fought for their ‘independence from Britain’. In fact it was a battle for the parcelling of the vast American land of Moscow Tartary left without any central administration. In order not to miss the carve-up, the American troops were eager to get to the West and North-West. George Washington became the first president of the USA in 1776 [796], p.1232. It appears that he became the first new ruler in the American lands of the Russian Horde. The facts of the war with the ‘Mongol’ Horde were wiped clean from the pages of the textbooks on the American history. As was the fact of the existence of Moscow Tartaria on the whole. The war between the USA and the remains of the Horde continued up until the second half of the XIX century. Alaska, which remained Russian for a particularly long time, was ‘bought’ from the Romanovs by the Americans only in 1867 [797], p.1232.