The day before this was uploaded I posted this…

Falling In Love with Geekdom

Yep. I’m honestly beginning to love these two :o)

Jeebuth. If she drives through London – Mucho Kudos to her.

I did it once. In a Landrover Defender….to Chelsea Barracks and the stress-o-meter was off the scale.

I even get panic attacks here, in Lincolnshire, now, decades later. FFS.

It matters NOT how good a driver you may be – there’s always some arsehole willing to risk it all because he/she is in a hurry.

My brother used to be a Traffic Cop. He HATED it. Fast cars. Yay? Going to the homes of loved ones after a tragedy….not fun :o(

So he became an emergency armed response cop. Shrug. At least someone else did the driving

I have quiet but very expletive-full road rage.


And so …