Finding myself still totally banned from a revered yt truther channel has left me…sadly bewildered. 3 years on? I must be either totally disgusting or nowhere near good enough.


I left a comment this morning on an overnight video about Crimea.

Crimea has been a centuries long sticking point between powers because of it’s strategic position.

tI was vital to both the Byzantine empire and the Ukraine. All I commented was – 1613 the Romanov come to power. 1775 the last Tartar Khan is murdered. And still they are fighting over there.



Moscow Tartary spanned the Urals, Siberia, Central Asia, The Far East, Alaska and North America. The conflict between Moscow Tartary and Romanov Russia (originally small in size) ended in the second half of the XVIII century with the famous, allegedly ‘peasant’, war against ‘Pugachev’. The Romanovs succeeded in agreeing peace separately with Turkey and defeating the Great Tartary. Only after this the European emigrants who had settled on the Atlantic seaboard of North America, ventured West, inland over the continent. For decades they seized the North-American territories of Moscow Tartary left without any governmental authority. Today this has been beautifully, but incorrectly narrated on in the Hollywood movies about ‘the very noble’ white frontiersmen and the ‘very bad’ Indians.

As a result, in 1776 (straight after the defeat of ‘Pugachev’) the United States of America emerged. With the Romanovs they voraciously and speedily sliced and diced the vast territories of Moscow Tartary. Ural, Siberia, the Far East. In America – Alaska and Oregon was ceded to the Romanovs. The rest of North America – to the USA. After failing to maintain these bountiful lands, distant from St.Petersburg, and unwilling to obey the usurpers, both Oregon and Alaska were given away to the USA for a notably paltry sum. The very fact of the existence of Moscow Tartary up to the end of the XVIII century and the division of its vast territories between the conquerors was wiped clean from the history textbooks – both in the Old and the New Worlds. Up until now the native Russian population of America is being persistently forced to forget their language and their past.


Pugachev was (allegedly) a scarecrow, peasant who rebelled against his betters and deserved his execution in January 1775.

The Last Tartar Khan was beheaded and then drawn and quartered. Oooh. The Romanov did NOT like him, eh?