I started working in restaurants/hotels aged 12 and opened my first bank account when I was 17, using the tips I’d been given.

Some restaurants have a tip jug policy – every tip IS put into a jug and the waiting staff get equal shares. Yeh. Worked sometimes. Not often though (!?)

Others allow the staff to keep their own tips. Which was great. As we earned a very small wage.


It’s years and years since I’ve seen this Kitchen Nightmares episode.

P.S. The George Hotel in Amesbury was a blast. Employed as a receptionist, I ended up doing everything (reception, the accounts, the cashing up, waitress, cleaner, cook, barmaid in two bars, flower arranger, bedmaker) but not the washing up. Woohoo.

Being a housewife is much like working in a restaurant/hotel. But without the tips. Good job I am not an AMY.