Smooth Operator : Movie Night

I had it all planned.

Sunday Night. Movie Night.

Snuggles on the sofa watching a film. I had no idea which film because I’ve a rep for falling asleep during “his” films.

1983 – I didn’t get beyond the titles of Rambo before he heard the zzzzzz!

The best laid plans of mice and wives gang aft a gley.

I found the perfect film. Shaun of the Dead. We both LOVE it.

But then…..tragedy.

He’s on ER and a motorbicyclist has been fatally fatelled at Caenby Corner and he’s there being spat on and insulted and threatened by the stupids who NEED to go down that road to get somewhere.

HAVE THEY NEVER WATCHED CSI or POLICE STOP or anything else on the Telly that TELLS us all to NEVER a enter a death scene?

We did a ton of RTA’s in Berlin. Road Traffic Accidents. We were the police who always got there before the Berlin Police and had to secure the scene.

God bless the stranger lying on the road. God CURSE those who don’t give a shit. Until it happens to them.

SADE. I have that album he throws at the Zombie…..Smooth Operator? That vibe has gone. Sadly :O(((

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