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Nothing against the girl but…….!


Jacquelyn Greigand nothing but the TruthWTF?Leave a commentEdit”FLAT SMACK”

TMI for some… but the haters can keep on spitting their bile. M’eh!

Flat Smack.

I used this phrase in a live chat during a Globe Lie Tour Europe video.

I used it with FULL knowledge of what SMACK means.

Yes. I HAVE slapped my children when they were young. In my muddled brain this was because I KNEW that a slap would make them aware of pain and it’s fleeting-ness. So that when they got properly injured, they would KNOW that the pain was NOT life-threatening!

KNOW what smack means too.

I’ve been smacked. Usually my head. Against a wall. Or a floor. Or a closed door. I’ve had Concussion. More than once and I’m still here.

Smacking is beating one hard object against another.

Skull vs Wall.

Wall wins (?)

Turn it around?

Words. Words. Words.

And – yes. I’m fully aware that I’ve given y’all a reason to further suspect my sanity.


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