Poets Day –  La Belle Cordière 

Louise Labé

I’ve just been reminded that it’s POETS DAY.

Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday. Which means that I have to pick the worker up from work at 3pm and not 4pm.


I came across Louise in the 1990’s. I have a book of her poetry.

I live, I die: I drown and I burn,
I endure at once extreme heat and cold;
Life is at once too soft and too hard,
I feel boredom mingled with joys.

A whilst back someone posited a thesis that Louise ( a member of La Pléiade) was actually a man.

She/He translated the above poem as …..

Louise Labé (1524-1566) is one of the very rare authors of the XVIe century. Despite the tenuousness of her work, surprising in energy and sensuality, celebrating love, she is today one of the best known, most read and most popular poets of the French Renaissance. Some of his verses stand out in memory far beyond the circle of scholars. « I live, I die: I burn myself and drown. / I am very hot while enduring coldness: / Life is too soft and too hard for me. comes in songs. « Fuck me again, rebaise me and fuck: / Give me one of your tastiest, / Give me one of your most in love: / I’ll give you four hotter than embers » sounds familiar to many modern ears. Today, Louise Labé is entering the “Bibliothèque de la Pléiade”, at Gallimard 

No lady would ever say such words – forsooth.

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