The 144,000 of Revelation

I’ve posted about the Book of Revelation. But not from a MainStream Narrative.

My research came via Anatoly Fomenko and his New Chronology team. One of that team became a dearly beloved mentor of mine. He helped me beyond the beyond.

MY research came from certain NC paths that show that (maybe) the Book of Revelation was written by the man that history has named John the Baptist. John the Forerunner or even John Comnenus.

I know neither how nor why modern life gave the title of the 144,000 to the Twin Flames who agreed to meet again at this time in history and bring light to our dark world.

72,000 men and 72,000 women were (allegedly) bound together through space and time to help heal humanity.

Too far fetched to believe?

Well. I believed it.

Much to my pain and shame.

The only trouble is – and this is a very sad but undeniable fact – that the women fully embraced their God Given Mission.

Just the girls.

We seem to’ve lost the other 72,000. The men who’ve (in this day and age) put sex, money, fame and games way ahead of their reason for being here, now.


Another true fact – these women have been forced to tell their male counterparts to GTF outta their lives. Go. Be Gone. Grow Up. Get Lost. RUN AWAY.

Jeebuth. What a total failure we’ve been to the Good, True, Light.


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