Yesterday I took part in a live chat with a channel that I like and respect.

He was talking about music and musical festivals and I, very innocently, told of the time that BFF and I blagged our way into Hammersmith Odeon as teenagers.

Well. That lit a fuse on a well-known Tartaria, Flat, Muddy, Melted commenter.

He (or she or they) immediately and publicly called me out as a groupie.

When I said that BFF and I had been virgins and groupie was way outside of our understanding – He (she or they) said that I was then a perfect person to be let into a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon because (by his/her/their) implication, we were only there to F**K the band.

How nice3. SMH. Projection. Much?

I’d hate to know about the world that King Snurgle Viking lives in. Sounds very sad :o(

I raise KingViking aka Flying Monkey…. an octopus on the head and a custard pie in the face!

Cheers, mate :o)