Get IT? Got IT? Good!

I might’ve mentioned (once or many times) that I trained as a policeperson. Military Police BUT we were H.M. Forces and still followed the UK police training – with only slight alterations for spesh circs.

My Dad was a policeperson too. Copper on the beat to C.I.D. to S.B.

EVIDENCE is the backbone of ALL police work.

Hearsay is inadmissible in court. We call it gossip in civvy land. Supposition is out. Theory is Out. Guessing is OUT.

Gimme the EVIDENCE of what you are preaching and I’ll check it out and consult my inner 12 Honest Men & Good before reaching a verdict.

Having said all that – there is also a part of life that lives and dies on FAITH.

But that is a Spiritual Subject and has nothing to do with buildings or giants or mudflood or melted or even FLAT.


Or go and BS someone else.

I’m loving Aewar more and more :o)

Thank you, for seeing behind the most popular and the most followed and the most liked.

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