Topical Application

I have not got the time to go through a zillion search engine pages to find proof.

All I know about this comes from my soul mother, Leslie Kenton, who’d talked to medics who’d done this way back then. And she cited their written experiences and medical documents.

When a person has been starved to the point of death, the WORST thing you can do is feed them food.

Say what you like about fake history but – when they went into “the” Concentration Camps after WW2, the only way the doctors could save the starved was by giving them the life saving vitamins and minerals through topical application. On their skin.

The #beautyindustry has hijacked this in a big way.

And I still do it. Want to feed your body but hate pills? Want gorgeous young looking skin?

I use Ormus Live Oil topped up with essential oils and I’ll bite and squeeze a liquid vitamin pill too.

It’s quite sad that we know this via VICTIMS of atrocities.

BTW : Image above is Srebrenica.

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