The Black Country

In the UK, we (well some of us ) KNOW where the Black Country is.

Nothing to do with P.C. crap. Or dissing or being nasty.

Check it out.

Himself had to drive to Wolverhampton yesterday to meet some other gangers and pick something up.

It took over 3 hours to get there and when he got there he couldn’t understand a freaking word they were saying!

It’s called the Black Country because of soot and coal and the Industrial Revolution.

I’ve never watched Peaky Blinders so himself’s reference to it went right over my head. D’uh.

What amazed me about what amazed him the most was the size of the blokes he spent the day with. He’s not “small”

6ft, tattooed, ex-Army Physical Training Instructor and body-builder. But these blokes were massively muscled and cut after years of working a very physical job.

A Brummie accent is really hard to get right.

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