I’m an Orphan.

Just saying.

Anyhoo. My traveller-in-crime and I have so much in common (which is why we should NEVER be allowed to go on holiday together. EVER again!) including a love of horror films.

Once she was staying here. Just her and me and eldest son (locked up in his bedroom…jk) and we watched the film Orphan. LATE at night. In the dark.

It was a dark and stormy night etc.

Super creepy film.

Tangent but connected. We have found a new true crime vidya star whom we like. Kendall Rae. I saw the episode below and thunked — Sounds familiar.

Film came out 2009.

The case of Natalie began a while later.

I’ve my own thoughts here :o)

Orphan. Super Creepy Film and only for hardcore Popcorn eaters.

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